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Retreats-Schedule - 2011 September - Program Details

Precis - This document is aimed at providing the details about our Ashram Yoga Retreats, run a number of times a year by at the Gedong Gandhi Ashram, Candidasa, Bali. Feedback to is always welcome

Ashram Yoga Retreats

at Gedong Gandhi Ashram Candidasa, Bali, Indonesia


After the success of last year's inaugural retreat, two retreats were scheduled for 2011 to give participants more flexibility. A chance for a discerning few to experience yoga as taught by a simply ‘awesome’ yoga teacher, in the tranquil (and in some ways perhaps Bali's very few  remaining unspoilt and timeless) 'oasis' that is the Ashram Gandhi at Candidasa.

When:  Two retreats were scheduled, both with 5, 6 or 7 day options, for Saturday June 11 to Friday June 17, 2011 (past event) and Sunday Sept 25 to Sat Oct 1, 2011. Please note that check-in is the night before the start and check-out is the day after the end of the retreats i.e. accommodation for 6, 7 and 8 nights respectively are provided for. Make sure that you synchronise these with your travel plans.

Where: Gedong Gandhi Ashram, Candidasa, Bali, Indonesia

Inquiries: web email or
mob.  +61 (0) 409 505 344 (Rudi) or local no (supplied later) skype- rudioka mail  PO Box 2112, Central Park, Vic., Australia 3145

 More: web 


Text Box:  The Teacher: Yvonne Haddleton

Yvonne is a very highly regarded Elwood Beach/Melbourne based yoga teacher who ‘lives and breathes’ and simply knows that she was ‘born to teach’ yoga. Yvonne maintains a regular yoga practice of asana, pranayama, nidra and meditation and has  19 years of yoga teaching experience with private and community classes, as well as ‘blue chip’ Australian corporate clients. She teaches from beginner to advanced classes in Hatha, Dynamic Hatha and Vinyasa.

Yvonne has yoga teaching certificates as well as a BA in dance. Through her disposition and individual style – technically competent yet with easy manner – make her classes fun and rewarding. Her intent is to give excellent classes that have a positive and uplifting impact on people’s lives. A  great number of loyal followers is  testimony to this accomplished teacher we are very lucky to have.

The Venue: Gedong Gandhi Ashram at Candidasa
( pls visit )

Established in 1976 by the late visionary activist and internationalist Mrs. ’Ibu’ Gedong Bagoes Oka, it has the unrivalled idyllic seaside, spring water pond and tranquil environment conducive to yoga and spiritual pursuit. The program offers the chance for participants to sample living amongst, or participate in, the life of ‘simplicity’ of a Gandhian Ashram that is focused on service and action. The Ashram was modeled on the Brahma Vidya Mandir Ashram of Gandhi’s follower and Sanksrit Scholar, Vinoba Bhave, that Ibu regularly visited till his death in 1982. The Ashram runs a free (donation only) ‘Nature Cure’ acupuncture clinic for the locals, expats and Ashram guests as well as a kindergarten as part of its community service at grassroot level. The young and school age members come from poor families whose expenses and studies are paid for by the Ashram. The Ashram also offers a large library of books on Gandhi and Hinduism for guests to read – but such ‘indulgence’ is perhaps best done during an extended or another stay at the Ashram! Please visit the Ashram website as for this very unique opportunity, there are restrictions to observe (such as vegetarian meals – but as a concession with fish for guests -; no alcohol, smoking or sharing of bungalow for unmarried couple) that actually will enhance one’s pursuit of yoga’s union of body, mind and spirit (yoga actually means union).

Targeted & Flexible Programme

The programme is specifically designed to be flexible to allow for different flights or travel schedule and therefore offering participants flexibility to construct his/her own 5, 6 or 7 day retreat options by joining any day as long as the option is completed on Day 7 of the full 7 day program. Yvonne will be available for the full seven days. The weekend Sat/Sun start and Thu/Fri finish was designed for flexibility for those with a typical 2 weekends/10 day stay in Bali with a ‘spare’ couple of days depending on their flights. Should you require an even shorter programm/stay (which we wouldn’t recommend but may be dictated by constraints of your travel), please write and we shall endeavour to oblige. Another aspect of flexibility – relatively small class sizes and her wealth of experience allow her to cater for different skills level of participants (over the years her classes have ‘spawned’ a couple of competent yoga teachers).

Should you feel inclined, participants can stay a few days prior or after the retreat period at the Ashram at the normal Ashram’s rate (, subject to room availability. In fact should you plan to stay longer in the island it is highly recommended that you use the Ashram as your base for  day trips to anywhere in Bali or short local trips around the regency of Karangasem – perhaps one of the regencies in Bali least ‘spoilt’ by mass tourism.  As a sample of things to do read this fantastic travel blog written by a guest

The yoga teaching will be tailored according to the proficiency and wants of the individuals and the group. Yvonne will be spend some time prior to the first session to assess injuries or illness, if any, and to establish each individual's proficiency to come up with the right blend of  routines drawn from different aspects of Sun salutations, Asana (Hatha and Vinyasa), Guided Relaxation, Pranayama, Meditation, Chakra practices and Chanting. 

The Organiser                                         

My name is Rudi Oka, I am Melbourne based and the fourth of Ibu’s six sons. I was introduced to yoga at the Ashram many years ago and only been doing it sporadically over the years but has been a regular of Yvonne’s classes since about the third quarter of 2010. My interest in here is firstly my commitment to do whatever I can to support the Ashram and its ideals and for it to blossom and reach its self sustaining potential while delivering its noble services. My admiration for Yvonne’s skills and disposition made me ‘dream’ about the good chemistry of combining the two – and share this ‘magic’ with the greater discerning public out there (and as a ‘bonus’ we still have the resident and very competent yoga teacher, Kawi, to assist and mix during some of the sessions). A number of our friends have been going to Yvonne’s classes for a number of years and all speak glowingly of her simply fantastic classes. I think she is ‘perfect’ for the yoga retreats at the Ashram. I will be at the Ashram from a few days prior and after the seven day timeframe of the retreat.

Daily Schedule

The key here is also flexibility - to try to tailor the programme to what suits the group and the individuals best. The Ashram hours and meals time are fixed, however, should we find the meal time too restrictive, we can arrange our own time or even slightly shift the Ashram’s scheduled meal times to accommodate the group’s meals (all communal and with Ashram members). The same goes with the yoga sessions. If the group finds it too much of a  ‘push’ and less ‘fun’ then we can modify the content or reduce the hours with other activities (believe me, there are plenty!) or just more free periods. Note for those ‘horrified’ at the early start of morning pujas (5 am, and optional – but try at least once!) or even to start the day with a morning sun salutation yoga at 7.00 am, for your information in Bali it is quite light by 6 am in the morning. Another thing is why not make your stay at the Ashram as an opportunity to reset your body clock to be ‘in tune’ with the way nature’s designed it - an early to bed and early to rise? (I need this more than anyone else as I’m a bit of a night owl in Melbourne and I have no problem with the 'switch' as I find morning puja very reinvigorating).

Daily Schedule - A Guide:

Below is the schedule at the Ashram with the retreat’s specific program written in italics and the normal font denoting shared program with the Ashram members, such as the meals or puja, or part of the Ashram’s routine where where our program participants are welcome to join.

Time Activity
5 - 6 am Morning Puja (optional but should try at least once - it’s  reinvigorating!)
6 - 7.00 am Free period (members do household chores, yard sweeping etc)
7.00 - 7.45 am Yoga with Yvonne - Sun Salutation Surya Namaskara
7.45 - 8.30 am Pranayama and Meditation with Yvonne (at the Meditation Room)
8.30 - 9.00 am Breakfast with Ashram members
9 – 10 am Free period
10.00 – 12.00 am Yoga with Yvonne – Asana and Nidra Class
11.30 – 12 noon Midday Puja (optional)
12.30 – 1.30 pm Lunch with Ashram members
1.30 – 4 pm Free period
4 – 5 pm Yoga with Yvonne – Vinyasa (moving yoga sequences) and/or special Pranayama. This ‘extra’ session is dependent on group’s consensus and on days when the House Yoga is not on)
4 – 5 pm House Yoga with Kawidana (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays only)
5 – 5.30 pm Evening Puja (optional)
5 – 6.30 pm Free period
6.30 – 7.30 pm Dinner with Ashram members
7.30 – 8.00 pm Night Puja (optional)
7.30 – 8.30 pm A Discourse on Yoga/Chanting - with Yvonne
8.30 pm – morning Early to bed, early to rise! (but watch out for those addictive after dinner, late night, discourses!)

A couple of trekking/village/community project/local event of interest visits will be organised in place of the morning or afternoon program, or more yoga sessions added depending on how the group feels. A split group activity is also an option so there’d be flexibility and a scope to cater better for individual’s needs which will be discussed on site.

Morning and afternoon teas will be served at the bungalows.


AUD 600.00 / 650.00 / 700.00 for 5 / 6 / 7 day programs respectively on a twin share basis with AUD 200.00 excess for a bungalow to yourself. As mentioned before these relate to provided 6/7/8 nights' accommodation respectively.


The cost covers full bungalow accommodation (either single or twin occupancy, depending on your choice and availability, with 3 meals daily, morning and afternoon teas provided),  two trekking/village/sightseeing tours (additional tours may be offered and covered and if it was to incur additional cost you would be advised prior for your agreement). While each bungalow has all the necessary comforts with full amenities and running water, mobile cooling fan etc as concessions to our full paying guests (which prompted a respected visiting Gandhian scholar to remark of it being “…the most luxurious Gandhian Ashram he had ever stayed in”, which I think was also a reference to its majestic seaside/pond/hill/nearby sacred temple location which also overlooked the fact that the 'comfort' is for our paying guests), in general the tone still reflects the life of simplicity and austerity that the Ashram embraces.

Not included:

Airfare or transport to and from the Ashram. Airlines – from Australia check and AirAsia They appear to offer similarly competitive offers but many of JetStar flights is now via Singapore and most of AirAsia's, except for Perth may be, s via its KL hub. offers direct to various Australian cities at a slight premium. Do not 'discount' which in the odd occasion offers just such discounted price for the return leg to Australia. However at the time of writing (early Aug) their online system was not operational, possibly not till November due to a system upgrade according to the website.

We can organise airport pick-up or drop-off for IDR 300,000 (at the time of writing approx AUD 34.00 or USD 34.00) and if we are aware of other participants or Ashram guests arriving on same flight or flights with close arrival times, we will advise car sharing which would help defray the costs (which helps the environment too). Candidasa is approximately two hour drive from the airport, depending on time of day and traffic.

Group Size:

The Ashram with its seven full functioning bungalows – if all available for the group’s use – places a natural limit on the size of the group which is probably in line with what we consider manageable for quality/individual care and tuition. Strictly, first come first serve so reserve your spot early!


Please write to  or phone/sms  +61 409 505 344 or skype rudioka for any inquiries or to apply to book a place. With each booking we will send you our banking details which, for security reasons, we won’t publish them online. Payment is by cheque or money transfer to our bank, just email us and we will email back the banking details or for alternative payment methods.

We have decided to deal in AUD to simplify our accounting and costs. We need 25% deposit to secure your place and the remainder at least a fortnight prior to the start of the Retreat . Effectively this means full payment by Sunday September 11, 2011  for our September retreat.  Participants who are already in the island who wish to pay in cash in Indonesian IDR or any major currency (but preference is still AUD) may contact us via email or phone to arrange method of payments.

To help us plan for your needs please supply us with the following information:

  • Nominate your 5, 6 or 7 day option and your start date (remember check-in is the night before)
  • Nominate if airport pickup is required (additional IDR 300,000 and if known flight details. Apart from pickup it’s to see the possibility of sharing with others)
  • If additional nights are required outside the retreat period, if yes provide detail
  • If known, nominate your yoga level - beginner, intermediate or advance
  • Anything specific you would like to pursue in our Yoga Retreat?
  • Indicate if you require your own bungalow (excess AUD 200 applies)
  • Age (optional)
  • Pre-existing injuries and/or Medical Conditions/Ilness that your yoga teacher needs to know
  • Any other info eg dietary requirements relevant to us catering for your needs better

Some of these, of course, can be discussed once you are on site at the Ashram.

The dates may seem like a long time away but in terms of planning, believe me it is not. So please get on to it promptly and book now/at your earliest opportunity!






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