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The Ashram/our Yoga Retreats: The Gedong Gandhi Ashram (also known as Ashram Gandhi Çanti Dasa - 'servant of peace') at Candidasa is the first and oldest Ashram in Bali, idyllically located in the auspicious confluence of ocean frontage, spring-fed lake and a sacred temple nestled on the lake-side of the imposing steep hill overlooking the Ashram. Bali Ashram Yoga, in partnership with the Ashram, runs the Dynamic Hatha/Ashtanga Hatha Yoga Retreats with the primary aim of making yoga a much more integral part of the Ashram's activities, as it should, both for its guests and members. As it was hoped for, this has indeed raised the profile and awareness of the Ashram, which translated into increased interests and patronage.

Our Retreat's 'sankalpa': simply stated it is a long held yearning to share an affordable week of high quality yoga that blends gently with the Ashram ambience and its calming natural beauty, interspersed with inspiring tours/trekking/prayers/ members interaction, with special and similarly attuned yoga teachers; as well as share some of the unique experiences that our ancient family roots and rich connections to some of the spiritual sites and peoples of the less exposed Eastern Bali provide.

Our Yoga Teachers: We are blessed with very good yoga teachers who are also attuned to our unique Ashram Gandhi set up. Melbourne-based Yvonne Haddleton's yoga classes cater for all levels, whether you are Beginner, General or Advanced in your yoga journey. They are a blend of styles cultivated and developed over her thirty year yoga journey. Classes have a strong physical technical base which sometimes flow in a vinyasa style, but also encompass the breathing and meditation which are the heart and spirit of Satyananda yoga. Starting in the March 2013 Retreat we introduced the rare talent of a new visiting teacher (to our program but not to the Ashram where she had taken yoga groups before) in Seattle-based Jennifer Isaacson, an old hand at retreats both in Seattle and Mexico, where she spends a good few months of the year. Still adhering to our general format from previous retreats, but naturally bringing her own style, flavour and energy. From 2014, however, the retreats' teaching team will be further boosted by the names many of you are familiar with. Kawi our resident - and very popular - yoga teacher will commence running joint retreats with Ahimsaka/Edme. Ahimsaka, originally from Holland but nowadays spends most of his time between our Ashram and India/Goa, will also run the Ashtanga Hatha Immersion Retreats. Needless to say that we are all very excited with the incremental increase of our yoga teaching talents to even better serve you through our 2014 retreats.

Our visiting/primary teachers will be complemented by the popular Ashram resident yoga teacher, Kawi, who runs the thrice weekly 4 pm Ashram Yoga classes (sometimes daily when we have the yoga teacher volunteer, perhaps from time to time while doing their seva or service at the Ashram, which Ahimsaka is often such a person when he is at the Ashram. This will be announced on the Ashram blog). Most of our retreats will incorporate the 4 pm sessions of the 'House' Ashram yoga classes followed very appropriately by the sunset/agnihotra puja with the members - for those wishing to continue their nidra at the end of the yoga session with mantra/puja chanting.

Our Yoga Retreats: All the above helped shape our retreats. Modest yet very comfortable seafront or seaview bungalow accommodation with all-inclusive, sumptuous, wholesome, vegetarian and fish meals. Access to ashram's facilities and services, such as Gandhi library or acupuncture clinic, or to simply interact with ashram members or join the puja/prayers, observe/learn Ashram's cooking, retreat to our meditation room, or swim in the open sea or organise your own/group snorkelling trip just off the Ashram's coast or book qualified masseus in your own bungalow or an acupuncture session at the Ashram's Clinic. It is a value for money health retreat in its own right, yet also providing that sense of being part of a larger community service (your mere patronage to the Ashram alone helps it finance its Gandhian "Life of Service" ideal with its projects). You can make your day/week as full or as light as you wish but whatever you choose, just be warned that many found the retreat week flew so quickly that they wished they had allowed for extra post-retreat days at the Ashram in their itinerary.

These combined with the quality of the yoga, the 'pilgrimage' tours such as climbing the hill/mountain temples to pray with the Ashram members, or simply interacting with them all add up to a yoga and retreat ambience that is special, enriching and inspiring.

Reports from previous Retreats

Read all the reports from previous Retreats and soon you would get a feel of what we are about from Reports of previous retreats . These reports of course will not be complete without the full Retreats Picture Gallery.

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