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"Sublime yoga - in Bali's timeless oasis by the Sea"


About Us & Our Services which runs the Ashram Yoga Retreats was started by Rudi Oka, the Melbourne based, fourth son of the late Mrs. 'Ibu' Gedong Bagoes Oka, the founder of Ashram Gandhi Çanti Dasa, now also known as Gedong Gandhi Ashram, at Candidasa, Bali, Indonesia. It has always been his wish to bring quality yoga retreats to the Ashram, with high calibre visiting yoga teachers who are in tune with the unique qualities of the Ashram, at affordable prices.

The primary aim was to bring this quality yet affordable 'live-in' yoga retreats to the Ashram and, in the process, we hope that apart from getting outstanding yoga sessions the participants will also get an insight into our Gandhian Ashram's 'life of service', as well as to that of traditional Balinese village life and rituals. By simply joining the retreat participants actually contribute to the running of the Ashram through the use of its accommodation. Hopefully a good experience and impression of the Ashram will help spread the word of the Ashram's facilities and visions to promote patronage which would help secure the Ashram's sustainability, well into the future. was purposely set up as a separate entity as it wasn't possible to do it within the complexity of the Ashram's existing structure, and still be relatively agile in the way it runs its operation. Still it will never lose sight of its raison d'etre of promoting the Ashram and its focus will always be on cost recovery within the commercial constraints of ensuring its own financial viability.

As part of its Ashram Yoga Retreats activities also provides, and will continue to explore, discerning tours, trekking and village life programs, initially sticking sticking to the area we know very well - on the relatively unexplored pockets of eastern Bali.





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